Woman From Mars 

A new play by Nicola Baldwin

Directed by Cat Robey


In 1991, chemist Helen Sharman became the first British astronaut when she joined the crew of Soyuz TM-12 to conduct experiments on Mir space station.


This new play is set on Helen Sharman’s last day on Mir, interspersed with her remarkable journey to get there, after hearing the radio advert that would change her life (Astronaut wanted No experience necessary); gruelling selection process; trial by British reality TV and media; 18 months physical training and psychological testing in a Soviet cosmonaut camp.


Dubbed ‘The Girl From Mars’ by British tabloids, Sharman was working at Mars Confectionary as an industrial chemist when she answered the call to space.  She launched on 18 May 1991, with cosmonauts Sergei Krikaley and Anatoly Artsebarsky, and returned to earth on 26 May with Viktor Afanasyey and Musa Manarov.  While Krikalev and Artsebarsky remained on Mir the second Russian revolution happened, the Soviet Union, and its government-run space programme ceased to exist.

Just as astronauts on ISS looked down upon a planet changed by a pandemic, Woman From Mars is a story about adapting to change; personally and globally; the chemistry of human life.

On her last day on Mir, Helen Sharman conducted a live radio broadcast with British schoolchildren. This play imagines the impact of this day, and voyage, on her life.


Since her return to Earth, Helen Sharman has directed her pioneering efforts towards education. In addition to numerous awards, she was recognised in the 2018 New Year Honours for services to Science and Technology Outreach.


In recognition of Helen Sharman’s aim to encourage young children to study STEM, supporting kids' activities will be created in Science, PSHE and Drama inspired by the play.


Woman From Mars was first written as a 15 minute short for The Miniaturists, at Arcola in April 2019. The full draft has been supported by an MGCfutures bursary and Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency, towards a production in 2021, the 30th anniversary of Soyuz TM-12. 


Wednesday 11 November, 2020

Online reading of extracts from first draft plus Q&A

Livestreamed from Jermyn Street Theatre, hosted by UCL Centre for Outer Space Studies

Introduced by Dr. David Jeevendrampillai,

Directed by Cat Robey.

Music by Junior XL.


BECKY SIMON as Helen Sharman 

PETER CLEMENTS as Sergei Krikalev

LYNDA ROOKE as ‘Miss’ Stella Shaw

WOMAN FROM MARS 2020-11-12 (25).png