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a Furious Theatre production


Written by  Nicola Baldwin

Directed by  Helen Sheals


Based on a true story and inspired by the exuberant churches and communities of Peckham, ALL SAINTS transferred to Kings Head straight from its sold-out run at The Last Refuge.

When her church volunteer faces deportation to Sierra Leone, Vicar Stella offers to help the only way she can. One white lie, one fake wedding, a good cause. Soon the church is overrun with bogus brides and a day of reckoning dawns.

BUCHOLZ - Peter Clements

STELLA - Grace Edwards

TRISSIA - Michelle Greenidge

“LITTLE BOY” - Jessica Kennedy

CASIMIR - Christopher Lane

MARTY-  Nicola Sanderson 

Music: Jimmy Sheals, Light: Warwick Evans, Design: Kerry Bradley, Vocal Coach: Anna-Jane Niznikowska

“It is only when (Vicar) Stella begins to compromise not only the rules of her church but the rules of her country that she truly begins touching people's lives. The consequences of this are both terribly funny and terribly frightening.” Rebecca Hussein, What’s On Stage

 “despite several aspects guaranteed to make the Church Times squirm (“By the authority vested in me”, as the clergy don’t say at weddings; and is Revelation quite so funny?), I was steadily won over… to the heart-stabbingly realistic agony.” Glyn Paflin, Church Times


“…Baldwin has ventured where other dramatists fear to go.” Michael Billington, The Guardian

 “Baldwin does a great job of exploring not only the dilemma of whether one should do the wrong thing for the right reasons, but also what those ‘right’ reasons might be.”  Madelaine Moore, Female Arts


“All Saints conjured some of the heartiest and most involuntary laughter that I have ever experienced at the theatre.”  Greg Wetherall, Islington Gazette

Picture credit:  Nicola Baldwin 

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