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A Pier Production for BBC Radio 4


Written by Nicola Baldwin

Directed by Celia de Wolff 


When architect Tony McGill returns to England for his aunt’s funeral, he wants his mother Rose to return with him to live in Germany. But Rose has been hiding her own diagnosis of dementia, which is worsening rapidly. With two weeks to plan their future, Tony struggles with his conscience, and Rose with her fragmenting memories. Wanting to return Rose to the familiar past, they embark on an adventure to Bexhill-On-Sea.


TONY - Robert Glenister.

ROSE - Marcia Warren

With Hazel Ellerby, Aicha Kossoko, Emma Kiley


First broadcast 2013, rep 2015, 2017 on BBC Radio 4 Extra here.

Nominated for BBC Audio Award

Pictures: Celia de Wolff / Nicola Baldwin

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